London Rocket Weed Killer

Sisymbrium irio Herbicide

Description of Rocket, London (Sisymbrium irio):
London rocket is a many-branched erect annual plant with deeply lobed leaves that do not form a rosette. It has clusters of small flowers with 4 petals. It also has narrow seed pots that may be slightly curved. Yellow rocket will grow up to 3 feet in height.

Control Options for Rocket, London

No Control
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Spot Treatment
No spot treatment rates listed. Please, review the label or contact the merchant for more information.
Broadcast Treatment
Label Rate:
6.4 fluid ounces per 1,000 sqft
Cost Effectiveness:
Covers 5000 square feet
at a cost of
$3.00 per 1,000 sqft
Safe On
Bentgrass, Tall Fescue, Fine Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Bermudagrass, St. Augustinegrass, Zoysiagrass, Centipedegrass, Buffalograss, Bahiagrass, Kikuyu Grass, Seashore Paspalum, Bluegrass, Roughstalk, Carpetgrass Safe Rate:
6.4 fluid ounces per 1,000 sqft
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