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Optimized Labels

Lawn Dork uses a new technology called CertainLabel™ to improve accuracy and your overall experience using lawn products. You can try it by searching for lawn pests, lawn products, or active ingredients.

What is CertainLabel™?

CertainLabel Lawn Products

CertainLabel™ is the idea that the manufacturer application label on the bag or bottle could be better. It has the same information, but the information delivery system is reinvented for the 21st century. It’s optimized, digital, and available on your phone, tablet, or PC through this website. The label information is in the same format for every manufacturer.

Why? The goal is making lawn fertilizers, chemicals, and pesticides safer and easier to use through making pesticide labeling searchable, comparable, the units of measure convertible, filterable, calculable, cost-conscious, consistent, and actionable for turfgrass.

CertainLabel™ is a supplement to the manufacturer approved label. Always consult the manufacturer approved label before applying any products.

Why CertainLabel™?

Paper Pesticide Label

The application rate label on the bag or bottle of lawn pesticides and fertilizers hasn’t changed since its inception. It is still paper. Thanks to online shopping, lawn products are available to be purchased by anyone and everyone for use on their lawns and gardens. However, there is a problem. Unless you use these products regularly, the product labels are confusing. They’re even confusing if you do use them regularly. They are full of “do this, except when”, with application rates per acre and given in only one unit of measure, in different formats for each manufacturer, with regional names for weeds and pests that don’t apply to other regions, having the important information scattered in tiny print, and, being paper… subject to being damaged, lost, and out of date.


The label information can be used and calculated right now without the need to leave CertainLabel™. It is both the chisel and the stone.

CertainLabel™ Action Buttons


The site is set up with a custom index structure to be completely searchable. You can search something like “Tenacity herbicide crabgrass” to figure out if Tenacity works on crabgrass—which it does. If not, you can click the Crabgrass result to go to see other products that are labeled for crabgrass.


Once on the Tenacity page, you can filter down to the pest information that you are interested in. In this case, crabgrass. You can see if it has pre- or post-emergent control, what the spot and blanket application rates are, and if there are special instructions… all in one area.

Tenacity Crabgrass


Using the dropdowns, you can see the label rate in any unit of measure that is easiest for you or most applicable to your situation. Whether it is “ounces per acre” or “milliliters per thousand square feet” or “ounces per gallon” or “milliliters per quart”, you can see the rate in that measure you desire... on the fly.

CertainLabel Convertible


You can click the “Spot Rate Calculator”, “Blanket Rate Calculator”, “Broadcast Rate Calculator”, or “Fertilizer Calculator” to open up a custom calculator for that specific label rate, product, and instructions. Just put in how many gallons you want to make or how large of an area you want to cover and it will do the math for you. It will alert you if you are within the manufacturer approved label rate so you care certain of your application.

CertainLabel Calculable


Each CertainLabel™ lawn product is set up in the same format regardless of the manufacturer. That way, you know where to find the information you need for turfgrass. Important and immediate information such as: max yearly limits, time between applications, mowing instructions, effective temperature range, water instructions, before seeding instructions, after seeding instructions, surfactant instructions; and, of course, the optimized label rates. If any of that listed information is on the label—it’s on the CertainLabel™ page.


The calculators easily show you what portion of the bottle or bag you’re going to use so you know how much you need.


Control options can be filtered down to the most cost effective for your needs. Additionally, the calculators give a cost for that application based on what’s available online or your costs. The pricing for online products is updated daily.

Certainlabel Cost-Conscious

How Do I Know It Is Accurate?

Nightly, the label is checked against the manufacturer’s official label from the manufacturer themself. If the official label has changed, then CertainLabel™ is updated.

CertainLabel Label Manager

Additionally, there is no information that is not on the official label.

How Can I Use It?

It’s available for free right here on LawnDork.com. You can find products by pest, by lawn product, or by active ingredient and use it right now to take action.

My Product Isn't There

Don't see a product that you use? Please, feel free to request a product label and we will add it.