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Who is Lawn Dork?

Lawn Dork was created out of my personal need for the tools contained within this site... and became an obsession from there. I went from making some of these tools in Microsoft Excel, then further improving them to make them quicker and easier to use with programming. From there, I thought, lots of other people might find them useful, as well. Thus, Lawn Dork was born.

How did I become obsessed with the lawn? In my late teens, I got my first web development job at a mower shop which also was a major online retailer for outdoor power equipment parts. I couldn't care less about the lawn or mowers, but I did love programming and web design. I loved improving the website, seeing the traffic increase, and testing different features. It's like playing a game and you see your stats go up. After working there for several years while going to college, then transitioning to college full time and graduating, then starting a freelance web development company and failing... I ended up transitioning careers and working full time as a database admin at a beverage distributor (where I still work). This allowed me to afford my first house, and a first lawn to call my own.

Now, it's funny how things work. Like I said, I couldn't care less about the lawn, mowers, or whatever. I started having to mow my yard, and honestly... I didn't like mowing it. I didn't like it because there was nothing but weeds and dirt and it wasn't fun to mow. It was hard to see my line of what I already mowed. From there, I decided to improve my lawn so I had dense and good grass to mow. It all was a rippling effect from there. I was browsing forums, YouTube, and websites learning everything I could to improve my lawn more and more... until it was level, uniform turf, and enjoyable to mow. As we all know, it's a constant process, but you learn to love the process.

I loved the process more than anything, like with development... the success of architecting a website is quickly fleeting, but you have to learn to enjoy the process. Like the lawn, this website will require constant care and attention to keep it growing and looking great.

Well, that's it for now. Please, feel free to contact me for any inquiries you may have... including adding pesticide products so you can automatically calculate your applications, updating or correcting your company's product information, adding new features that you may find helpful, or business opportunities. These tools are not just mine anymore; they're yours, as well.

Lawn Dork