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Vexis Granular Herbicide

A powerful weapon against sedges and kyllingas

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Vexis® Herbicide Granular uses the proprietary new active ingredient pyrimisulfan to deliver exceptional control of sedge and kyllinga species, plus listed broadleaf weeds. The granular formulation reduces the potential for drift or off-target application and can be applied to wet or dry turf. And Vexis is labeled for use on listed cool-season and established warm-season turfgrasses, including improved varieties of St. Augustinegrass.
Active Ingredient %
Pyrimisulfan 0.03 %
Other Ingredients 99.97 %
Mode of Action
Amino Acid Systhesis Inhibitors
Site of Action
(2) ALS Inhibitor
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Not Safe On
No not safe on treatments listed. Please, review the label or contact the merchant for more information.
Maximum Yearly Limits
Do not apply more than 8.26 lbs of product per 1,000 sq. ft. per year.
Time Between Applications
Do not retreat within 30 days of initial application.
Mowing Instructions
For best results, postpone mowing until granules are watered in.
Effective Temperature Range
Temperatures below 50°F will reduce weed control activity.
Water Instructions
For best results, water-in granules within 48 hours after treatment.
Before Seeding Instructions
Delay sodding, sprigging, seeding, or plugging operations until 3 weeks after application of this product.
After Seeding Instructions
Delay application of this product to grass seedlings until after the second mowing. Delay application of this product until 3 weeks after sodding, springing, or plugging operations.

Vexis Granular Optimized Application Label Rate Calculator

No Control
Broadcast Treatment:
Grass / Turf Types Safe
Fine Fescue
Kentucky Bluegrass
Kikuyu Grass
Perennial Ryegrass
Seashore Paspalum
St. Augustinegrass
Tall Fescue
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Broadcast Treatment
Label Rate:
4 lbs per 1,000 sqft
Cost Effectiveness:
Covers 500 square feet
at a cost of
$55.16 per 1,000 sqft
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