Catnip Weed Killer

Nepeta cataria Herbicide

Description of Catnip (Nepeta cataria):
Do you have a clowder of cats on your lawn, rolling around and the like? Well, then you may have a catnip infestation. Catnip has a minty odor that is very appealing to our feline friends. The leaves are serrated and has square stems. It reproduces by rhizomes, but they don't spread far, as well as seed.

Control Options for Catnip

No Control
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Spot Treatment
Label Rate:
1 - 1.5 fluid ounces per gallon
Cost Effectiveness:
Makes 21.33 - 32 gallons
at a cost of
$0.50 - $0.76 per gallon
Broadcast Treatment
Label Rate:
1.1 fluid ounces per 1,000 sqft
Cost Effectiveness:
Covers 29040 square feet
at a cost of
$0.56 per 1,000 sqft
Safe On
No safe on treatments listed. Please, review the label or contact the merchant for more information.
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