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Whiteleaf Sage Weed Killer

Salvia leucophylla Herbicide

Description of Sage, Whiteleaf (salvia leucophylla):
Whiteleaf sage is an evergreen shrubbery that grows between 3 and 4 feet in height. The stems are white, hence the name, and between May and June will grow light purple flowers. It's very tolerant of drought and heat. It can be quite invasive, as it spreads between 6 and 8 feet.
According to the manufacturer approved labels: The following weed killer, applied at the listed application rates, will control Whiteleaf Sage.
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Spot Treatment
Label Rate:
0.113 ounces per gallon
Cost Effectiveness:
Makes 88.594 gallons
at a cost of
$1.43 per gallon
Blanket Treatment
Label Rate:
0.113 ounces per 1,000 sqft
Cost Effectiveness:
Covers 88594 square feet
at a cost of
$1.43 per 1,000 sqft
Safe On
Bermudagrass, Buffalograss, Centipedegrass, St. Augustinegrass, and Zoysiagrass
Safe Rate:
0.056 - 0.113 ounces per gallon
0.056 - 0.113 ounces per 1,000 sqft
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