Water Plantain Weed Killer

Alisma subcordatum Herbicide

Description of Plantain, Water (Alisma subcordatum):
Water plantain is a version of the plantain that grows in water... hence the name "water plantain."

Control Options for Plantain, Water

No Control
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Spot Treatment
Label Rate:
1 - 1.5 fluid ounces per gallon
Cost Effectiveness:
Makes 21.33 - 32 gallons
at a cost of
$0.50 - $0.76 per gallon
Broadcast Treatment
Label Rate:
1.1 fluid ounces per 1,000 sqft
Cost Effectiveness:
Covers 29040 square feet
at a cost of
$0.56 per 1,000 sqft
Safe On
No safe on treatments listed. Please, review the label or contact the merchant for more information.
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